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David Edwards,


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Wow! I have been the president of your CSI Cincinnati Chapter for a year now and it sure has flown by! It has been a pleasure to serve as your president over the past year and I look forward to many exciting things happening in my second year as president. With summer upon us we are taking a break from our usual monthly meeting format.   As we prepare for our annual planning meeting in July, we anticipate many exciting programs for our FY 2018 season.  Visit the CSI website often to see what is happening.  If you have any suggestions for our programs, we would certainly like to hear from you.

This September marks the 60th anniversary of the Cincinnati Chapter!  Over the years we have had many great individuals serve the chapter to make it great. I would like to acknowledge just a few of the people that have been instrumental in my first year as President of the chapter.  We are an association of volunteers and the level of dedication and extra effort that is put forth by a small cadre of fellow members needs to be recognized.  First of all, the entire board of directors needs to take a bow for continuing to provide the leadership and energy that is needed to keep our chapter running smoothly.  I’d like to personally thank each and every one of them for helping me in my first year.

The committee chairs also deserve a round of applause and gratitude for providing the direction and implementation of their respective responsibilities.  The committee chairs are always looking for new members and I would encourage everyone that is a member of our chapter to become involved in at least one committee.

The EduCon Committee, led by Dave Proudfit, needs to get special recognition for the excellent job they have done in developing this new event as a replacement for our traditional trade show.  And special thanks go to Paula Harris for keeping Educon running smoothly.  The first two EduCons have been very successful and we look forward to our next EduCon event in November when the them will be “Interiors.”  If you see anyone from the EduCon committee please thank them for helping our chapter provide another excellent opportunity for the construction industry to see the latest and greatest in products and services and providing excellent education programs.

I would also like to thank Tom Shumaker and the Education Committee for their efforts in providing quality specification writing training classes for the AIA Academy.  Phil Babinec, along with Dave Proudfit, Bryant Ard, and Holly Robinson, taught the classes and all who attended felt they had learned a great deal. This collaboration with AIA Cincinnati has proved to be very beneficial for both chapters and we look forward to continuing our relationship with AIA Cincinnati in the future.

Being active on committees or a committee chair is a good way to work towards a leadership position, not just in CSI, but also in your profession.  You will be rewarded both personally and professionally (just not monetarily) by being a member of the leadership team.  At our annual planning meeting in July, our emphasis will be getting the membership involved. If you would like to be a part of the future success of your chapter then get involved today.  We have many ways for you to serve and we look forward to hearing from you.   Our chapter has a rich history and is one of the only organizations that bring together all the parties in the construction industry.  Don’t just me a member, be an active member and help us grow.

Enjoy your summer.  See you in September.


Cincinnati Chapter President - FY 2017-2018

Erlanger Hardware Consultants 











Spring has sprung!


Happy Spring!  The green is starting to flourish and Opening Day will soon be here signaling the arrival of another season filled with hope and promise (maybe).  The warmer weather sprouts the construction season too and with it the forecast of a prosperous year.  Over the past few years the construction industry has rebounded nicely.  How are you positioned to take advantage of this increase in activity?  How will you company respond to demands of the next bloom of buildings going up? 

One way we help our members stay current is our trade show.  As you may know, we have reimagined our trade show into an education focus.  We kicked off 'EduCon,' as it is now called last November with four educational seminars and a product show all themed toward sustainablility.  The event was a huge success.  Look for the next EduCon next November with an additional Educon the following May.  Yes, as we work the kinks out of this new event, we plan to make it Biannual! On behalf of our entire chapter I would like to thank the EduCon committee for putting on a premier event. 

I’d also like wish those planning on taking their certification exams, good luck.  The certification programs offered by CSI provide an extensive insight into the construction process and help distinguish the successful candidate as a well informed and valuable resource to the architect and designer. Thanks to Holly Robinson and the certification committee who spent their time and shared their experiences to help our certification candidates.

It is easy to see that your CSI Cincinnati Chapter is an important organization.  If you are not already a member, you shouls consider joining.  We have several interesting programs still to come before we break for the summer.  In addition to the information you’ll learn it is a great opportunity to network with others in the industry. If you are not a member please consider joining to take full advantage of all the CSI has to offer you and your company. If you are a member please get involved with the chapter.  Our committee chairs will welcome your participation and you will benefit from the experience both personally and professionally.

Please join us at the next meeting, you can register at We hope to see you there.


Phil Babinec

CSI Cincinnati Chapter President

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