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The Moll/Betts Student Excellence Award

Using CSI in the Classroom


The Moll/Betts Student Excellence Award

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Dale C. Moll, FCSI, CDT, was a member of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter. He held many offices in the chapter and the Institute, including Institute vice president. 


Gary A. Betts, FCSI, Distinguished Member, CCS, was a member of the Chicago Chapter. He also held many offices in the chapter and the Institute, including president of CSI from 2004 to 2005. A memorial fund was established in 2008 in memory of Betts. It was merged with the Moll fund in 2011.

What the Award Memorializes

The Moll/Betts Student Excellence Award was established to promote the greater awareness of CSI to students completing studies in a construction-related educational program.

Who is Eligible?

Student: A student who is enrolled at a bona fide institution of higher education in a course of study pertaining to Construction Architecture; Landscape Architecture; Interior Design; Construction Engineering; Construction Management; Construction Technology; Engineering, or other design or construction related field. The Award is presented to the two students with the highest scores in the CDT during the fiscal year (ex. July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017).

Institution: The institution that one of the winning students attends, and which teaches a course in construction documentation, will also receive a prize of CSI member-authored books.

How to Apply

By registering for the Construction Documents Technologist (CDT) Exam as a student, the candidate agrees to participate in the Moll/Betts Student Excellence Award competition.


Student Award

  • Each winning student will also receive a Letter of Recognition for their accomplishment.


Institution Award

The winning institution will receive a library of CSI member-authored books.


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Using CSI in the classroom


CSI is a critical resource for college-level instructors who want to teach their students the roles, responsibilities and relationships of the entire construction team -- and how they'll fit into the construction world once they graduate. Use the student edition of CSI's Practice Guides to expand your students' understanding of construction!


The Project Delivery Education Program (PDEP) is an instructional tool that addresses topics essential to understand the proper use of construction related documents. The PDEP incorporates concepts from the Project Delivery Practice Guide™, MasterFormat™, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), Green Building - GreenFormat™ and Sustainability as well as additional resources. The program includes multiple presentation files in PowerPoint plus additional resource and reference material.

The syllabus and structure of this program follow and expand upon concepts identified in the Subject Matter Areas of the CDT Candidate Handbook. CD includes the following files:



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